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Heavenly Sky

At Giving Grace Thru Joy we strive to uplift homeless individuals by providing tailored support, resources, and connections. Rooted in Christian principles, we address holistic needs, aiming for lasting change and self-sufficiency.


Our organization seeks to achieve:


Immediate Relief from our Mobile Outreach Unit:

A team dedicated to delivering

nutritious foods, clothing, and

essential supplies directly to individuals facing homelessness in targeted areas.

 Resource Access:  

Continue to establishpartnerships

with localbusinesses, community

organizations, and government

agencies to secure a consistent

supply of resources and services,

ensuring that individuals have access to the updated vital support they require.

Service Navigation and Coordination:

With the Development of a comprehensive network of community service providers, we will connect individuals by establishing a streamlined referral system with existing support services such as healthcare, counseling, job training, and educational opportunities.

Empowerment and Skill Development:  

Providing volunteer opportunities and/or referrals to programs that help enhance life skills, financial literacy, job readiness, and personal development, fostering independence, resilience, and a sense of purpose.

Long-term Housing Support:

Collaborate with local housing providers, churches, and support agencies to facilitate transitional and permanent housing options, providing individuals with a path to secure long-term stability, coupled with ongoing individualized support.

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